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N5000 Plus
Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires
N5000 Plus

  • Description

      The N5000 Plus features an innovation simple in its concept, but brilliant in its function. Dimples on the tread act to distribute heat evenly across the tire to prevent abnormal wear, which in turn, extends strength and the life of the tire. Groove serration provides stability and the lateral groove design offers a peaceful and comfortable ride.

  • Part Number Size SideWall Speed Rating Type Load Index
    13448NXK 225/50r17 BW 0
    13494NXK 235/50r17 BW 0
    13460NXK 225/50r18 BW 0
    13492NXK 235/65r16 BW 0
    13445NXK 215/60r16 BW 0
    13446NXK 215/50r17 BW 0
    13444NXK 205/50r17 BW 0
    13433NXK 195/65r15 BW 0
    13504NXK 235/50r18 BW 0
    13452NXK 225/40r18 BW 0
    13450NXK 215/55r17 BW 0
    13509NXK 235/60r18 BW 0
    13438NXK 215/55r16xl BW 0
    13510NXK 235/55r19 BW 0
    14478NXK 225/35ZR20XL BW W 90
    14483NXK 225/45ZR18XL BW W 95
    14479NXK 235/30ZR20XL BW W 88
    14485NXK 235/35ZR19XL BW W 91
    14467NXK 245/30ZR22XL BW W 92
    14474NXK 245/35ZR19XL BW W 93
    14480NXK 245/35ZR20XL BW W 95
    14469NXK 245/40ZR17XL BW W 95
    14486NXK 245/40ZR19XL BW W 98
    14481NXK 245/40ZR20XL BW W 99
    14487NXK 245/45ZR19XL BW W 102
    14488NXK 245/45ZR20XL BW W 103
    14471NXK 255/35ZR18XL BW W 94
    14465NXK 255/35ZR20XL BW W 97
    14482NXK 255/40ZR19XL BW W 100
    14468NXK 265/30ZR22XL BW W 97
    14475NXK 265/30ZR19XL BW W 93
    14472NXK 265/35ZR18XL BW W 97
    14470NXK 275/30ZR19XL BW W 96
    14476NXK 275/30ZR20XL BW W 97
    14473NXK 275/35ZR18XL BW W 99
    14464NXK 275/35ZR19XL BW W 100
    14484NXK 275/40ZR18XL BW W 103
    14477NXK 275/40ZR19XL BW Y 105
    14466NXK 285/30ZR20XL BW W 99
    15579NXK 225/60R18 BW H 100
    15580NXK 235/60R18 BW H 103
    15549NXK 225/65R16 BW H 100
    15588NXK 245/45R18/XL BW V 100
    15585NXK 245/50R18/XL BW V 104
    15581NXK 215/55R18 BW H 95
    15592NXK 235/55R19 BW H 101
    15545NXK 185/60R15 BW H 84
    15563NXK 215/60R17 BW H 96
    15565NXK 235/60R17 BW H 102
    15562NXK 215/65R17 BW H 99
    15587NXK 235/45R18 BW V 94
    15560NXK 195/50R16 BW V 84
    15561NXK 205/50R16 BW H 87
    15569NXK 205/50R17/XL BW V 93
    15572NXK 235/50R17 BW H 96
    15584NXK 235/50R18 BW V 97
    15555NXK 195/55R16 BW V 87
    15582NXK 225/55R18 BW H 98
    15564NXK 225/60R17 BW H 99
    15550NXK 235/65R16 BW H 103
    15551NXK 205/60R16 BW H 92
    15552NXK 215/60R16 BW H 95
    15553NXK 225/60R16 BW H 98
    15554NXK 235/60R16 BW H 100
    15566NXK 215/55R17 BW V 94
    15546NXK 195/60R15 BW H 88
    15542NXK 185/65R15 BW H 88
    15543NXK 195/65R15 BW H 91
    15544NXK 205/65R15 BW H 94
    15556NXK 205/55R16 BW H 91
    15557NXK 215/55R16XL BW H 97
    15559NXK 225/55R16 BW H 95
    15568NXK 235/55R17 BW H 99
    15547NXK 205/65R16 BW H 95
    15548NXK 215/65R16 BW H 98
    15583NXK 225/50R18 BW H 95
    15567NXK 225/55R17XL BW V 101
    15573NXK 205/45R17XL BW V 88
    15590NXK 235/40R18XL BW H 95
    15591NXK 245/40R18XL BW H 97
    15578NXK 205/40R17 BW H 80
    15586NXK 215/45R18XL BW V 93
    15574NXK 215/45R17 BW H 87
    15575NXK 225/45R17 BW H 91
    15576NXK 235/45R17 BW H 94
    15577NXK 245/45R17 BW H 95
    15570NXK 215/50R17XL BW V 95
    15589NXK 225/40R18 BW H 88
    15571NXK 225/50R17 BW H 94
    14489NXK 295/25ZR22XL BW W 97

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