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Congratulations NBA Champion Golden State Warriors

June 17, 2015

California Wheels would like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors on earning their first NBA Championship title in 40 years!

The Warriors outstanding, league leading, team play on BOTH offense and defense led to a 67 win regular season (winning 81% of their games), allowed them to hold the best record in the league essentially all season, and earned them home court throughout the playoffs.  In the playoffs, the Warriors silenced all doubters with superb play against the New Orleans Pelicans (won in 4), ground out a tough physical series against the Memphis Grizzlies (won in 6), shut down the league's MVP runner-up James Harden and the Houston Rockets (won in 5), and battled through a challenging, riveting NBA Finals against an incredible effort by the Cleveland Cavaliers (won in 6) to take the NBA Championship.

Respect is due to the incredible play of LeBron James who averaged 35.8 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 8.8 assists against the Warriors #1 ranked defense throughout the Finals.  Astoundingly, he created, assisted, or scored 367 of the Cavaliers 561 points – a whopping 65% of their total points scored were either directly or indirectly attributable to LeBron James!

But the real lesson we learned from the Warriors is the power of teamwork and sacrifice, and the outstanding results that these attributes can lead to.  Look no further than the selflessness of David Lee, an All Star who took a supporting roll off the bench, but provided a spark when called on in games 3 and 4 of the Finals.  Yet there is no better example of sacrifice than Andre Iguodala, also an All Star, who didn't start a single regular season game, but then went wild in the Finals, when he started the final 3 games of the series on his way to winning the MVP of the Finals, and tipped the scales completely and irrevocably in the Warriors favor.

Of course the coaching wisdom of Steve Kerr (first rookie coach to win the NBA Finals since some guy named Pat Riley did it in '82) cannot be overstated.  Assembling the consensus best coaching staff in the League, Kerr had the insight to value his assistants and take advice from all of them, leading to some great coaching decisions like starting Andre Iguodala in the last 3 games of the Finals, and expertly utilizing the "small ball" line up that brought the Warriors so much success all season long.

But the leadership, humility, drive and desire of Stephen Curry is the catalyst that brought this team together and lead this team to a Championship.  The extremely deserving 2015 MVP of the regular season, Curry set the tone for the fun loving, humble, hardworking and ultra-competitive nature of the Warriors.  His single season 3 point record breaking performance is renowned.  His clutch shots were critical.  His offensive efficiency is essentially otherworldly.  However, his family first attitude, his team first approach, his charity work and giving are what make Curry the complete package.  A down to earth superstar who doesn't brag, whine, or boast.  He leads by example and he is the type of role model whom everyone can appreciate both on and off the court - dazzling to watch play, and a model of how to truly win with class.

Thank you, Golden State Warriors, for the most exciting complete season of basketball we've known for the past 40 years!  We salute your amazing accomplishment, and we can't wait to see what you have in store for Dub Nation next season.

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